Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Guest post: Double trouble

Hi everyone! So todays post is a very special one I interviewed my twin pals - Eve and Martha - on finding style at such an early age. How super cute are they? Hope you enjoy the interview. Love Lucie x

Lucie: Hi girls! Loving both your looks today - would you say you have different style?
Eve: Oh definitely! We are twins but look totally different!
Martha: We wear what suits us - although sometimes we do wear the same, and we swap clothes. Being a twin means double the wardrobe!
Eve: It's great! I look more like my Mummy and Martha like Daddy. We think we look totally different!
Lucie: Where are your super cute outfits from?
Martha: My dress is from H&M
Eve: My dress is from Joules

At this point the interview was cut short because Eve fell asleep! It's hard work being a 3 month old - they sleep ALL the time. Hope the sun shone for you today. Love Lucie x


  1. A future in fashion journalism LB? Fabulous! xx

  2. Very Cute! Especially the blue dress - that was my fave. A request - Boy stuff. We know that you know at least one very stylish little boy. XX