Sunday, 30 December 2012

Lucie loves: Casabu

Happy Festive season to you all! Did Father Christmas visit you all? He must have been at my house for aaaagess cos there was a ton of super cool presents! I have been getting myself all ready for the next big one tomorrow night - check out my funny rollers! I'm wearing a super cute top from the super fab website Casabu. Mummy loves it! It has loads of cool kids clothes at discounted prices; like this gorgeous top from La Queue du Chat that I'm wearing. They have lots of sales including a few days left on the super cute Their Nibs sale and they have things for Mummies too! I can't believe this year is nearly over - what are your plans for 2013?? Love Lucie x

Thursday, 13 December 2012

The TK Maxx Christmas challenge

Hi all!!! Check this out - the fabulous TK Maxx (who sponsored the award I won) asked me and Mummy to take part in their Christmas challenge to find six Christmas presents with £200. You all know that Mummy likes a bargain challenge (and is a big fan of TK Maxx) so off we went so see what we could find. Wowsers!! Now I usually hate shopping but I had so much fun!! There were loads of super toys and tonnes of cool clothes! I loved it, I was even allowed to choose some stuff. 
So, what did we get?? Trying not to ruin too many surprises (look away now family!) we got (to the tune of 12 days of Christmas!):

12 noon start shopping,
11 Peppa pig products (Mummy made me put these back),
10 leather fingers (gloves) for Grandma,
9 layers of a tutu skirt for cousin Naomi,
8 flavours of jelly beans for Uncle John,
7 colours of building blocks for me (cheeky self-gift!),
6 Christmas decorations for our tree,
5 years-old size designer shirt for cousin Henry,
4 pairs of cosy socks for Daddy,
3 scents in one candle for Mummy,
2 arms in Daddy's new wool sweater,
and a fabulous designer handbag for Auntie Helen!
Mmmmmm Jelly beans and yummy Christmas biscuits! x
Yep - that's TEN presents for eight people, as I said Mummy likes a challenge! Impressive huh? I promise to take pictures of the presents once they've been opened and will get cousins Naomi and Henry to show off her tutu and his new shirt in a special guest-post!

Now, I'm off to 'help' Mummy with the Christmas wrapping! Happy shopping! Love Lucie x

P.s Apart from my hand knitted cardi my outfit is from, yep you guessed it, TK Maxx! x

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas Dress!!!!

Exciting news! I have found my Christmas day dress! Whilst browsing the utterly fabulous Half Pint Chic which I reviewed in an earlier post I found this......
It is perfectly super cute and exactly what I wanted for Christmas Day. It's from P'tit Chic and is one of four super cute designer sales now on, including, one for my mini fashionista pals, Tom & Drew and Nicki Macfarlane (THE Royal wedding flower-girls dress designer!). Have you got your Christmas party frock yet? Stay tuned to see my cute dress in action on 25 December! Super excited! Love Lucie x

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Cosy florals

Brrrrrrrrrrr!! Super cold isn't it?? Lucky I have this cosy Next duffle coat to keep me warm! I'm wearing my  floral jeans (totally on trend no?) and my fab Liberty Clarks flowery boots.  I hope you are all wrapping up warm?? Love Lucie x