Monday, 22 July 2013

Fit for a Princess (or Prince!)

Hello!! So the new royal baby is on it's way!! How totally super exciting!!

Also exciting news is the super fab new range from Mamas & Papas - it now goes up to age 6 and is totally royal worthy! This grey and pink spotty dress is perfect for a little princess like me (and if the royal baby is a girl she would look super cute in it too)! It's from Mamas & Papas new fabulous catwalk inspired Limited Edition range - perfect for a super cute fashionista!

Oh, and if the royal baby is a boy - they do cool boys stuff too - you should check it out Prince Wills and Princess Kate!

Love Lucie x

P.S Mamas and Papas sent me this dress to review but as you know I totally don't wear anything that I don't absolutely love! Oh and Mummy likes it too - something about it being good quality but I just like it cos it's super twirly and has fab spots on it!! x

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Anyone for tennis?

Hello everyone! So apparently there's been some special match going on where some dude won something that hadn't been won for ages?? Anyway, I found it super boring but it was fun to play tennis out in the sunshine!

HELLO SUMMER!! The perfect weather to bust out my pretty summer dresses! This one is vintage that Grandma picked up for me and I LOVE it, it's super cute!

I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine - don't get too burnt and stay stylish!

Love Lucie x