Friday, 30 September 2011

On location: Park life

Here I am on location in Priory Park, Crouch End on such a super sunny day. I had a play date with Joseph (and Auntie Laura who's moving to NYC soon), he's out of shot as he's a bit bigger than me and wanted to play with his ball. Today's outfit has a lot going on, prints and colours, super stuff. Shorts are from Matalan, my top from Paris, my dribble bib is a Grandma Marj special and my hat is from a shop in Lincoln (Mummy can't remember the name of it). As it's October tomorrow none of my clothes are still in stock as they're summer clothes, however I'm looking forward to wearing more sunny outfits this weekend. Hope you enjoy the sunshine. Love Lucie x

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Indian summer

Hello! Mummy says this weather is called an Indian summer so to celebrate I've gone for a tunic over trousers, a little like the traditional Indian dress salwar kameez. It's by a label called Molly n Jack that no longer exists. Mummy bought it in a charity shop - another top tip for baby clothes shopping, because we grow out of stuff so quick, secondhand clothes often are almost brand new. Yesterday we discovered that Gap Mag featured us! Very exciting as we love BabyGap and will be busting out some more Gap clothes to celebrate. Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine. Love Lucie x

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Bag lady

Check out this gorgeous mini bag that Mum bought for me and says 'I'll love when I'm older'. I love it now! It's from Cath Kidston and its in lots of different designs! It fits a small book in it, perfect for little one like me. Love Lucie x

Monday, 26 September 2011

Tweet tweet!

Happy Monday! Check out my super cute leggings with birdie bum! I love this outfit and have accessorised with a headband that looks like a mini turban (a little late with that trend but it suits me I think). My outfit is from Next, socks from Primark and headband from the Market (it only cost £2!). We had a great day at Baby Sensory today then Mummy got her purse stolen which is totally rubbish. Mum says karma will sort it out whoever that is. Anyway, what do you think of today's outfit? Love Lucie x

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Star child

Weekend!! Mummy left the house early today to go to an NCT nearly new sale, she says it's a top tip for buying loads of great baby clothes at very cheap prices. See if there's one near you. Mummy came back with a massive bag and Dad wasn't angry so it must be cheap. Today's outfit is inspired by the star print from D&G. My fab star tights are from Sugar Pink, my denim tunic from H&M and my star bib from Bubba Bibs. Kinda cool outfit don't ya think? Love Lucie x

On location: I'm da boss!

Yesterday we spent the day at Mummy's work. I sat in the boss's chair! Check me out! Suits me doesn't it?? The outfit is head to toe H&M (apart from the dribble bib which is Grandma Marj's handiwork). The dress was a pressie from Auntie Anna, it's a summer dress but I'm showing how you can recycle dresses for the cooler months by layering - very important. What do you think? Love Lucie x

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Hello all. Just the one photo today. Mainly because I'm not top notch today. I had a minor sniffle and also - MY TEETH ARE COMING THROUGH! OUCH! Mum has been giving me strawberry flavoured magic liquid which takes the pain away but I'm not in the best of moods so I only let Mum take one photo today. However it is a nice one - shows off my grrrrreat hat and cute home made cardigan. I'm also wearing some pastel pink trousers, all in all its quite a retro cutsie look. Do you like it? Love Lucie x

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Pink to make the boys wink

Evening everyone. All pink ensemble today, very girlie isn't it? You'll also see I'm on my phone - modeling agencies again, what's a baby to do, I've told them I'm not interested....!
My lovely pink top is from M&S and my fab leggings from Green Baby. My cutie booties are from Mothercare. Cosy huh? What do you reckon? Love Lucie x

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Leopard lovelies

Hello! Check out my lovely leopard print trousers from M&Co, they have a fab little frill on the bottom too. My top is a Monsoon cute batwing butterfly affair. All in all a super outfit I think. I've been checking out LFW today and by far my favorite show so far is Meadham Kirchoff, I reckon I could rock all the outfits sent down the catwalk, particularly the loveheart dress. What do you think? Love Lucie x

Monday, 19 September 2011

Bright tights

Hiya, how cool are my tights?? They were a present from my Auntie Tara. I love them and it means I can wear my cute red shorts again, they are from The Tiny Sock Company. I'm also wearing a Baby Gap hoodie that was a baby shower present before anyone on the outside knew I was a girl. The bear ears are just too cute aren't they?! Mummy and Daddy left me at Nannie Mc's overnight this weekend while they went to a wedding, it was brilliant, can't wait to do it again. They went shopping and bought me some new stuff so can't wait to try it all on. LFW continues so I hope my outfits are living up to the high fashion stakes... What do you think? Love Lucie x

Friday, 16 September 2011

London Fashion Week!

Hi All! Ok, so I should be wearing British to celebrate LFW but I'm actually wearing my posh Parisian trousers and Spanish top. They were gifts from my Auntie Anna and Auntie Tania. They are super cute and I love the look. The trousers are from Tout Compte Fait and my top from Pili Carrera.  My headband is my own - a girl's gotta accessorise. Do you love it? Love Lucie x

Thursday, 15 September 2011

One skirt, three looks.

Hi there. This Gap skirt is just too cute to only wear once so I've created three different looks with it. In the first picture (cameo appearance by Daddy) I've paired it with some on-trend lace tights and a cute heart H&M bodysuit to compliment the hearts in the red netting. The second picture funks it up a bit with a pink and white stripey bodysuit, leggings and my Funky Feet Fashions shoes. In the third I've gone for all red with a bodysuit from Gumboots and grey tights from H&M. Which is your favorite? Love Lucie x
P.S Thanks to Auntie Marianne for buying the skirt, as you can see it's one of my faves.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

New York Fashion week homage

Hello! So New York Fashion week is coming to an end and London Fashion Week is just two days away. To celebrate I am showing off these fabulous silver sandals. Mummy says they are similar to these amazing silver sandals seen on the Rodarte catwalk this week in New York except without the huge heel. I haven't mastered walking yet let alone walking in heels, Mum says she'll help me on both fronts. The shoes are from M&S, they are no longer in stock but they have a great selection of shoes for the winter season. The rest of my outfit is from Next, I particularly like my ruffle top. Do you like my look today? Love Lucie x

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Swimming in style

Evening everyone. Just a mini post today to show off my fab swimsuit. It was my first swimming lesson today with Waterbabies and so in true TBWP style I rocked a cute navy and white dotty swimsuit from Splash About. I enjoyed my first lesson apart from being dunked under water - what is that all about??! Anyway I think my swimsuit is fabulous, what do you think? Love Lucie x

Monday, 12 September 2011

Location, location, location

Hiya - this was taken a few days ago on location in Lincolnshire. It was fun to roll on the grass! My outfit is one of my faves, you know how much I love a bit of leopard print and mixing prints. My top is from H&M , leggings from M&Co, bib from BubbaBibs and shoes from Funky Feet Fashions. What do you think? Love Lucie x

Sunday, 11 September 2011

I *heart* Mum & Dad

Today is 10 years since 9/11 - I don't really understand what that means but Mummy says it was a pretty big world changing event. So to commemorate I'm referencing the famous 'I *heart* NY' t-shirt in today's pictures. Lots of Love Lucie x
P.S It's also Grandad's birthday - Happy Birthday Grandad - love you. x

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Guest Blogger: Naomi

Hello readers! My name is Naomi and I'm Lucie's little cousin. We've just come back from our holiday, we spent a whole week together, it was great. Lucie and I rocked some great outfits but we were having so much fun we didn't manage to photograph them all. We did take pics of this outfit though, one of my personal favorites - kitten in leg warmers and a denim ra-ra skirt - what's not to like? It's from Baby Gap, its very cute don't you think? Let me know what you think. Love Naomi. x

Friday, 2 September 2011

Hat's the way to do it!

Hiya everyone. Hope you're excited for the weekend?? We're off on holiday tomorrow with Grandma Marj and Grandad plus Auntie Helen and Uncle John AND cousins Henry and Naomi. We'll be doing some guest blogging from Naomi, and Henry might get a shout out too! Not sure if we have wifi where we're going so if not you'll have to wait for the results, she is a mini fashionista (like me) so it'll be worth the wait. Today's outfit is a casual one because I was 'helping' Mummy pack. My fab, fab hat is from Green Baby, they have some ace new autumn stock in. My jeans are from Next and my cute Panda shoes are from Robeez. Do you like? Love Lucie x

Thursday, 1 September 2011

I'm back!!!!

Hello!!! So sorry for not posting for ages but Mummy has been poorly. She even had to go to hospital! She's much better now and the greatest part was Grandma Marj AND Nanny Mc came to stay to look after me, we had a great time. So hopefully that's us back to normal. Today's outfit was a gift from Mummy's work mates. It's too cute isn't it?? Dad says I look like Bruce Lee. The whole outfit is from Funky Feet Fashions apart from my socks, they are H&M. What do you think? Oh and have you missed me? Love Lucie x