Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Snuggle central

Hello! Couldn't resist doing a PJ post, especially as my pyjamas are THE cutest ever! They are super soft organic cotton and very very comfy. They are from an Irish company called Old Rectory and we just love their super cute prints. We bought them at weekend from Olive loves Alfie. Mummy says she's super jealous of my 'jamas and wants some for herself! I'm also wearing my Dino Daisy teething anklet which is a lifesaver! Do you like my snuggly look? Love Lucie x


  1. How much more beautiful can you get Lucie?! I love the PJ's - a girl can never have enough that's what I say. xx

  2. God I love pjs. In our house we call them 'PJs and DJs' because it reminds me of Peej and Deej from Biker Grove. I was sooo jealous when I saw these. Cant they make grown up sized ones too. I'm sure you'd never ever be embarrassed by photos of you and your mummy wearing the same jamas because its the height of cool. xxx