Sunday, 6 May 2012

On Location: Southend-on-sea

Happy Bank Holiday people!! Daddy took me and Mummy to the seaside for a day trip - it was not really what you'd call seaside weather but we had a great time anyway. I wore my new super fabulous Burberry jacket! I'm also wearing my super cool Converse shoes and H&M shorts and tights. What did you do for the bank holiday? Love Lucie x


  1. Oh My Gosh! I think I love this outfit most of all so far! You are totally rocking the converse and the stripy tights! That Burberry Jacket looks very warm and beautifully stylish too - the colour really suits you. xx

  2. Such a cute little coat. I love the first picture, one of my girls is obsessed with blossom. Mich x

    1. Just seen this!! Thank you Michelle. Blossom is so pretty and reminds me of the big tree we had in our front garden growing up. I used to have a tree house in it and totally loved it...x

  3. Love love love this! The teeny tiny converse, the coat, the stripey tights-everything! What a little fashionesta :)

  4. Thank you Jelly Babies!! This is one of my favorites too. Lucie definitely has a better wardrobe than me! x