About Us


How lovely to see you here. I'm Liz, Lucie's Mum aka ghost writer of The Baby wears Prada. I started the blog whilst on maternity leave, mainly as a record of the fab outfits we were given and as a way of keeping my brain active. What started as a hobby has turned into a full blown addiction. I love writing posts, I love getting comments and most of all I love the other fab bloggers I have met - who knew there was a whole new set of friends I needed in my life!

The blog celebrated it's first birthday in July 2012 and last year won a fabulous MAD Blog award for Best Fashion Blog which were absolutely delighted (and shocked) about.

If you'd like to get in touch please:

Email us: perfectliz@hotmail.co.uk
Tweet us: @babywearsprada
Facebook us: www.facebook.com/thebabywearsprada

Lots of love,
Liz and Lucie x


  1. What a great idea and blog, I thoroughly enjoyed reading and ooohing and ahhing over your photos and gorgeous little girl. Thanks x

  2. Love the blog! Lucie is gorgeous and would look fabulous in a sack, obvs, but am loving her outfits too. It's a wonderful vicarious pleasure for me as I am mum to a little boy who most definitely won't ever wear Prada. Or anything remotely pretty. Clean (for roughly 5 mins) is about as 'haute couture' as we'll ever get!
    Was great meeting you at BritMums and I look forward to keeping up with Lucie's adventures in Wardrobe Land.
    Mary x

    1. Thank you! I have to say THE only good thing about my childbirth experience was the bit when they said 'it's a girl' and I immediately thought 'Yes! Shopping!'. Great to meet you too. xx

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