Saturday, 9 June 2012

She wore lemon

Hi everyone! Check out my super girlie outfit today!! I was at my pals Ben and George's naming day (silly Mummy didn't manage to get a picture of them which is a shame as they are super cute). She did manage to snap me receiving flowers from a boy called Ioan! I was very pleased, my very first flowers from a boy! I'm also doing a bit of gardening with my pals Holly and Jacob in the photo above. They are also mega stylish (you might remember Holly from this previous post). Anyway, I am wearing this really cute dress from Jillians Closet from TK Maxx it's lemon and flowery so it's very this season. I love it, do you? Love Lucie x


  1. She is so stunning!

    makes me wish my little one was walking :(


  2. Ahhh thank you. Poor wee thing, how is she getting on? xx