Saturday, 17 March 2012

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Happy St Patrick's Day! I'm wearing the Ireland top because Daddy insisted - it didn't stay on for long. Mainly because I have this amazing new elephant print dress from Dyno Kids. We picked it up at the Junior Style Sales event and I love it! I've paired it with a H&M top and tights and these cute new Mothercare shoes from my cousins Ellie-Kate and Finlay. Do you like my dress? Or prefer the Ireland top?! Love Lucie x


  1. Considering it was for St Patrick's Day, I have to vote for the Ireland top!! But the elephant dress is so cute!
    How funny Lucie's cousin is called Finlay!
    Lots of love from me xx

    1. Thank you greatruaha! Finlay is such a cute/cool name. Lucie's cousin Finlay is a little older than her 'boyfriend' Finley! x

  2. Ooh, definitely the dress. Love it.