Friday, 12 August 2011

Love Fridays

Hi there everyone, I hope you are looking forward to the weekend like I am. I really like the heart motif (which is lucky because Mum loves it and has lots of heart print things for me) and this dress has a crafty little heart pocket on the front of it - nifty isn't it? I could stash a dummy in there or some teething powder (my new favorite thing). Anyway my dress is from H&M, we bought it a few weeks ago but it's not in stock anymore :( so no links today. Instead I'll put a link to my dream coat for winter. It's Baby Dior and it's gorgeous, it's also £299 so I won't be getting it but hey a baby can dream.... Do you like it? Love Lucie x


  1. A girl can always dream indeed Lucie and it's good to aim high - so Dior all the way I say.... Aunty Lau Smitty x

  2. I *love* this dungaree style dress!!! Just super dooper!! xx

  3. Thanks Aunty Lau! Oh and Mazzabubble we will keep hold of it for your next yeah?! xx