Thursday, 20 June 2013

Viva Walthamstow!

Hello all! It's the eve of Brit Mums Live and the Brilliance in Blogging Awards and so I'm getting all psyched even though I'm not going. Mummy will be there so be sure to say Hi if you see her and wish us luck!

I'm wearing my super cool 'Viva Walthamstow' t-shirt today which we got from Penny's cool shop in the village - Beautiful Interiors, I like the shop a lot mainly cos of the resident fluffy cat Mish Mish and that fact they sell bubbles. You can't buy my super fab t-shirt online so you'll just have to come to East London to get your mitts on one!

We love Awesomestow!

Love Lucie x


  1. hi, just found your link... I printed your tee shirt ! and sold them in Penny Fieldings shop... glad you like it ... Cravat Janey hatton... :)

  2. Cool T-shirt. Greetings to all.