Sunday, 14 April 2013

Hearts and daisies

The sun has got his hat on!! Hip hip hip hooray!! What a super lovely day we've had today, enjoying the spring now it has arrived. I picked daisies and played in the park. I'm wearing a perfect playing outfit my top, hairband and leggings are all from H&M - my super cute top reminds me of this fab Markus Lupfer top which Mummy has her eye on (you know how much she loves a heart motif). My hairband was a present from my friend, baby Willow (shes gonna be in my next blog post too!) - thanks Wills! Love Lucie x


  1. I think that top was absolutely MADE for your mummy - make sure she buys it ;o) xx

    1. Ok then :) don't think it'll take too much convincing!! x