Saturday, 16 March 2013

Groovy tights... for boys?

Hello!! I love a good pair of super cute, cosy and cool tights and these are THE best! Slugs and Snails make... wait for it... tights for boys! How cool is that. Now I'm all for unisex clothes, as you know I've often shopped in the boys section so these are brilliant! I love my yellow toadstool ones (I was so on-brand shopping in IKEA!) and they also have cars, rockets and boats! Cute aren't they? Love Lucie x


  1. We are big Slugs and Snails fans. Our fave are the Out of this World tights. Love these though, we wouldn't lose our little man.

    1. They are so cool aren't they! I have my eye on the skulls too! Liz x