Monday, 20 August 2012

Fairies and shoes

Hello!! It's been aaaages since I posted! I have been sooo busy and Mummy even busier. Anyway, I'm back. We went shoes shopping today cos all my shoes are too small! Mum let me choose some but for some reason didn't buy the ones I chose, or the pink backpack I selected, not sure why....

Anyway, I'll wear my new shoes soon and show them off. They don't really go with my super cute dress I wore today. It has fairies on it and is from Little Wings. I love it lots. I'm also wearing my only shoes that fit (from Primark) and my Mothercare leggings. It's a cute look no? Love Lucie x


  1. What a gorgeous dress! We have those primark plimsolls, they're great for slipping on and off, unlike converse which we've given up on now!

  2. Ah thanks Helen! They are great aren't they? Much nicer than the £30 Clarks shoes i bought! x