Friday, 14 October 2011

Casual Friday

Hi there! Busy day today, visited my potential childminder, went to Rhyme Time, stopped off in a cafe then went shopping! Phew! I was exhausted. Good job I put on a comfy casual outfit eh? I did actually have a different one on but decided that today was the day to 'get' Mum and we both needed an outfit change, hee hee. Anyway my joggers are from M&S, my gilet from John Lewis Baby and my bodysuit from Asda. Cute look isn't it? Love Lucie x


  1. OMG she is so gawjus and delicious, almost makes me want another one, note I said "almost" LOL. Great idea for a blog as well.

  2. It is all about polka dots, love it! Big kiss to you Lucie, so happy we finally met you xxx